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Lorain County Ohio

Hello I live in Lorain County Ohio and I have read many of the Spooky Ohio books. I have a few paranormal experiences of mine to mention.

Well, as for paranormal experiences. . . When I saw the angel, it was early fall, I was easily 16 or so. It was actually when the sun was completely down, and the sky was still mid-twilight blue: you know dark enough for street lights, but light enough that you can still see thing clearly.  The angel was like this really bright light in the shape of human, I saw when I was in my grandparents (father's side) old back yard. They have moved since, but what is really weird is that my father and step-mother are now really religious and yet I am the one who saw the angel.  (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

As for the spiritual presence, my good friend and I went out with a friend of his that drives out to this place called Gore Orphanage Rd. . . in a city called Vermilion, Ohio. It is actually just like 10 miles west of where my friend lives. . . about 17 miles from where I live. We will just drive out there just to see if we can see something, hear something or feel something.
Vermilion is know have many paranormal happenings in the city. However Gore Orphanage. . . has much history. There are two serious legends. . . One is about a man who had seven children and they all died one day after each other of some disease. The man supposedly when crazy and still haunts the ground. The other legend is about an orphanage that was supposed to have caught fire. . . there are rumors whether there were kids in there are not, but one thing that always stays the same is the part of about a man with an axe who tries to save the kids and gets burned going into the fire. (Wow, I am giving myself goosebumps just telling you the tale.)
Anyway. . . There have been two times we have been out there, we have gotten stuck, as Gore Orphanage Road is very whiny, and has a few very steep hills to drive up. There were a few times my heart was going to beat out of my chest, because we were stuck on an edge and had to turn around. I did see this one transluent figure but this one house as we drove by. I also felt the entire heat of the car vanished and all of the windows were closed the last time we went out which was in January 2009. The heat went out when we drove by this old abandoned gas station. I have witnesses that have saw and felt the same thing.
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