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My name is Rachael, and I'm also from Ohio. I've been interested in the paranormal for several years, but this is the first group I've joined that deals with the subject, so bear with me.

I know I'm a newbie, but does anyone mind if I ask some questions to get conversation going? For instance, we all seem to be fans of I just went through August's pictures. I would bet money that the "Direct passage to Hades" picture is a fake. It looks kind of like a promotional movie poster. I know next to nothing about faking pictures, but it's too dramatic to be real. I've looked at most of the backlog of pictures on ghoststudy and I can only think of one other time a skull/skeleton picture showed up and that was nowhere near as graphic as this one.

Anyone have any stories about ghostly photographs of their own? My family went of a ghost tour in Fredericksburg once (if you ever go on vacation there, look that up. It was a great tour) and all the pictures of this one haunted church had a reddish arc in the corner, no matter what angle we took the picture from.

I believe I have had some paranormal experiences myself. If you're interested in reading them, they are in the Febuary 13th entry of my personal livejournal. Most of them could be explained by imagination or mundane reasons, but I'm inclined to believe they are more than that. Do any of you have personal experiences they would like to share?

Do any of you have an opinion on sleep paralysis? I first heard of it while researching narcolepsy, but it comes up quite often in paranormal discussions. At first I stuck with the sleep disorder community's explanation, but after reading counter-points, I'm not sure. The main argument for it being a physical condition is that when you sleep, your brain "paralyzes" your major muscles and sleep paralysis is caused by your conscious mind waking before your muscles do. But experience seems to show that you are not paralyzed when you sleep. People toss and turn, kick off blankets, and even sleepwalk. I won't make an opinion until I've researched this further, but it's intriguing.

Okay, now that I've bored you all (sorry about that. I like to ramble), what paranormal areas are you interested in? I'm interested in ghosts, ESP, psychic dreaming, ghost photography, contact with the afterlife (I read Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh, although I'm still deciding whether or not I believe them), and cryptozoolology. I also like learning about skeptic's theories, such as infrasound (sound too deep to hear that may alter sensory perception).

I apologize for the long introductory post. I'm glad to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to being part of such a unique community.
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